It’s Snack O’clock Gift Box

No need to be h'angry! Everyone loves a little box of goodness, and this one is sure to please! What a great way to promote a meeting and a great option for bundling with an agenda, journal and pen!

This clever magnetic gift box opens to a variety of treats, including a delectable sweet and tangy mustard with dipping pretzels, chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon oat seed bar.

Gourmet Food contents:
East Shore Sweet and Tangy Mustard 1.4 oz
East Shore Dipping Pretzels 2 oz
88 Acres Cinnamon Maple Seed Bar 1.8 oz
J&M Chocolate Chip Cookies 2 oz

A complimentary silver ribbon is tied around the gift. Decorate the inside lid of the gift box or simply add a greeting card.

Food contents may vary from what is shown, based on available inventory a substitute of similar or greater value will be used.


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